He moves with a springy and sure step, his profession is Crash-man. One of those men without a nerve in his body whose speciality is to crash, in an old car normally in flames, against a pyramid of even older and beaten up cars or obstacles of various kinds. The only thing they all have in common is the ability to cause a large, frightening, exciting crash.

We buy cars to destroy - say the poster advertising the Stunt Car Show in the city.

In fact, HOLER TOGNI's team destroy a good number of cars during their noisy acrobatic show. Some are set alight and the driver does not always come out whole and intact despite all the precautions and all the safety measures. The Physiognomy of the show is familiar: cars that drive on two wheels and make all sorts of acrobatic manuevers with up to 6 acrobats clambering all over the machine. Then we have cars driving at high speed barely missing each other, avoiding catastrophic crashes at the last moment, reversing at high speed with squealing tyres while the bodywork sparkles in the bring spot-lights. But HOLER TOGNI has introduced some major new numbers in this American style show. First a large van is driven on its left wheels, then a 5000 Kg tractor. The public watch with bated breath as a 12,000 Kg Iveco truck with crane is kept in miraculous (and precious) balance. Lastly, the incredible, apparently impossible, drive around the track with an Iveco truck and semi-trailer on just the three left wheels.

Well, he had to have three goes at this but when he succeeded, he came back blowing his horn and, enormously pleased with himself, accepting the spectator's applause by getting out acrobatically onto the truck's roof. How he manages it, nobody knows. When he talks to the public, he thanks, in addition to the flexibility of the force of gravity, the truck makers that provide him with trucks snd tractors in exchange for the obvious publicity.

"There's no trick, these are all standard production models", he assures me as he lists makes and quality, "completely and absolutely unchanged". He implies that, with a bit of training, we could all drive on 2 wheels with all the benefits for the traffic that can be imagined. I can even imagine buses leaning over onto one side. HOLER has already thought of this and, if somebody will lend him one, we will see him drive a coach nicely leaning over. With or without passengers?