A banal question: "Have you even been afraid?"

"What's fear?", he answered,"the awareness of what you are doing and what can happen if you make a mistake? Yes, if that is what you mean by fear. But not panic that prevents you from getting into the car or onto the bike before a number. If panic takes over, sooner or late the driver will have to get out of this line of business".

"It's important to be in good physical shape".

"I don't deny myself anything but I never abuse anything. For example, I know that I must have a certain numbers of hours of sleep". Holer tells me that in general the stunt car season goes from the end of March to September or October though they worked in December at the Bologna Motor Show as many will remember. In just 5 months they visit 60 cities.

Considerable stress for the 56 people who bring to life, each with his or her talent, this Stunt Car Circus.